Top 4 Best Shawarma in Mogappair 🌯

Shawarma In Mogappair
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Top 4 Best Shawarma in Mogappair 🌯

Shawarma is popular street food in Chennai and new outlets are being opened frequently since the expenses are less and people who want to pursue business can start from this small joint which will gain you some experience. And if you can satisfy your customers with unique and different flavours then you can be successful.

This list contains the Top 4 Best Shawarma in Mogappair and it has the list of places which are personally my favourite and have provided clear and detailed review about each and every single outlet.


Top 4 Best Shawarma in Mogappair

1. Smoke Hub

shawarma in mogappairshawarma in mogappair

Smoke Hub is small joint which is located in Mogappair East, and they have different varieties of flavours like (Schezwan, Chilli garlic, Peri peri) which are unique and nowhere to be found in any Shawarma joints. I’ve tried two flavours from this place and from that moment I was attached to this place. The restaurant has a small seating capacity but mostly customers visit here for takeaway, and they also have sandwich and grilled varieties but their Shawarma is something which must be tried.

Flaming Red Chilly Shawarma – ₹110 rupees

shawarma in mogappair

This is the spiciest Shawarma I’ve ever had and when you order it they will double-check with you as it is contains an extreme level of spiciness. The ingredients are mainly few spices (peri peri etc) and chilli sauce (red & green) to the Shawarma to make it hot & spicy which will give you a different kind of experience on how a Shawarma can taste. Overall this was one unique and spicy Shawarma in Mogappair and I recommend this if you are a person into spicy food.

Peri Peri Shawarma – ₹80 Rupees

smoke hub shawarma

Since Mc Donald’s introduced Peri peri fries I’ve been a crazy fan of it and whenever I visit any restaurant and if by chance I happen to come across the name “Peri Peri” I’ll order that dish first as I am crazy addicted just to the name.

This tasted like a normal Shawarma with few spices overall it is reasonable for ₹80 rupees. Also, the Chilli Garlic Shawarma was way better than peri peri and the flavours of garlic with spiciness was heavenly and I couldn’t get the picture of that Shawarma.but it was much better than peri peri flavour.

Check Instagram post – Smoke Hub

Location : No. 1451 – 1452, Garden Avenue, Mogappair East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Garden Avenue, E Mogappair Rd, Mogappair East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037 Opposite to Hot Breads & DAV Girls school (Google Maps Link)

Timing : 06:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Contact Number : Not Available

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

2. Little Hut Restaurant

shawarma in mogappair

Little Hut is a Restaurant located in Mogappair West, and they have only few varieties of Shawarma like normal and special but the taste & quality all it matters when it comes to Shawarma.

Special Shawarma – ₹110 rupees

shawarma in mogappairshawarma in mogappair

The main difference which you will notice first is the bread as it is that thin and soft and the meat was good plus the proportion of meat & mayonnaise was well-balanced. The place was packed with crowd during evening and it is a must-try if you are anywhere near mogappair.

Check Instagram Post – Little Hut

Location : 8/19, Bharathi Salai, Mogappair West, Mogappair, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : 06:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Contact Number : +918925401231

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

3. Street Shawarma

Street Shawarma was a small and oldest Shawarma joint Mogappair and recently they have upgraded their looks and ambience compared to other Shawarma joints this is the only place which is most hygienic since the Shawarma roll stand is inside the shop unlike other places where it is outside the restaurant.

Chicken Shawarma – ₹80 rupees

street shawarma mogappair

As I told before this place is most hygienic & clean Shawarma place I’ve ever been to and also the taste is good and the Shawarma bread was soft and small but few pieces were burnt or overcooked. Another advantage is that they are open from 1:00 pm which is very much comfortable if you are the person who wants Shawarma for lunch.

Check Instagram Post – Street Shawarma

Location : 58, Thiruvalluvar Rd, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, J J Nagar, Mogappair East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : 12:30 pm – 1:00 am

Contact Number : +91-9962495999

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

4. Al Kebabish

shawarma in mogappairshawarma in mogappair

Al Kebabish is a famous Shawarma outlet which are currently located in Anna Nagar & Mogappair. They have only two varieties of Shawarma which is the normal one and the special. Unlike Anna Nagar outlet the Mogappair branch’s profit is kinda low, and the main reason is the construction work which is happening nearby and due to which this branch is not as much as popular as the Anna Nagar outlet.

Chicken Shawarma – ₹80 rupees

shawarma in mogappair

At a first glance we realized that this was the smallest chicken Shawarma we’ve tried and compared to Chicken the mayonnaise was added more than what is required and when I checked with the owner he mentioned that this was their signature way of cooking by adding more mayonnaise and the taste was good but to me it was totally flavourless, and I was not at all impressed by this one then I realized why this particular place is not making any profits. Overall this is an Average Shawarma in mogappair

Check the Instagram post – Al Kebabish

Location : 3/C6, 1st Avenue Main Road, Paneer Nagar Main Rd, Mohanram Nagar, Mogappair West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : 03:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Contact Number : Not Available

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟

The List comes to an end here and some might not accept the fact that adding spices or sauce to the Shawarma is disrespectful but to me personally I love spicy food and the above list is based on my personal experience for Shawarma in Mogappair and do let me know where to visit next.

Do comment if you have ever visited any of those above places and recommend places for Peppa Foodie to visit xD.

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