Shri Balaajee Bhavan review 2020

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Shri Balaajee Bhavan review 2020

So Today We Will be Visiting Shri Balaajee Bhavan in Mogappair East for some healthy breakfast and evening snacks.

There are many restaurants in Mogappair East but the reason for choosing this place is that the food served here is fantastic and by the looks of it this might seem like a normal vegetarian restaurant but the food here is something you must try at least once.

Shri Balaajee Bhavan, Mogappair

Shri Balaajee Bhavan, Mogappair

Shri Balaajee Bhavan, Located in Mogappair for few years and serves excellent South Indian Breakfast and I’d definitely recommend this place for a Good Breakfast if you are anywhere near Mogappair, so I’ll list out the Breakfast Dishes and go all the way to Dinner

Free Starters when you Visit the Restaurant (changes every day)

This is something which you never expect from a restaurant where they give you free starters and it changes every single day and whatever you order you will get one bowl of snack

Idly – β‚Ή11 Rupee/Piece & Vadai – β‚Ή15 approx

Shri Balaji Bhavan - Idly Shri Balaji Bhavan - Idly & Vadai

This place opens around 6:30 am 🌞 and you get Hot & fresh Idlies early morning and the best part is you get 3 types of Chutney (Coconut, Coriander/Green Chutney, Red Chilli Chutney) and all three tastes delicious πŸ”₯Β and you also get Chilli powder 🌢 (Podi) which indeed tastes like normal one’s from your home but overall this is an amazing breakfast and best way to start the day

Sambar Idly – β‚Ή30 Rupees

Sambar Idly

This has become my favourite over the normal Idly where you get 2 idly soaked in cup of sambar and you can ask multiple refills but do not go and compare this to legendary places like Welcome hotel & Ratna cafΓ© as it is just a decent sambar idly with good taste

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Onion Uthappam – β‚Ή63 Rupees

Just wanted to try this for breakfast once and it might seem like an expensive breakfast but nothing can be compared with idly or sambar idly this can be tried once also they add podi in it too which makes it even more delicious

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟
Paper Roast – β‚Ή90 Rupees

Paper Roast from Shri Balaji Bhavan Paper Roast from Shri Balaji Bhavan

For Dinner, we ordered the Famous “Paper Roast”Β and I’d say this will be around 80 – 90 cm and this will be enough to feed two to three people. And if you order dosa like this definitely you would want refills and yes they will provide as much as you want and that’s the best thing about this place

Β Location : 12/561, Thiruvalluvar Salai, Block 11, J J Nagar, Mogappair East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600050 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : Morning 6:30am – Night 10:30pm

Contact Number : 044 4554 8876

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Overall this is the perfect place for having some delicious food especially if you are near Mogappair

There is also Parking facilities & A/C available so this can be your ideal family outing place for Dinner or Lunch

Do Comment about your experience in this place or suggest on where Peppa Foodie go next πŸ˜‰

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