Sellam milk depot | Palkova Bun 2020

Sellam milk depot
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Sellam milk depot | Palkova Bun 2020

Sellam Milk Depot located in Sowcarpet which is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city with narrow streets and it consists of some Vintage buildings which are worth visiting. Sowcarpet has become an iconic shopping district in Chennai that from clothes, Food to Electronic components you can get everything here and at a reasonable price. Another famous factor of Sowcarpet is Food, and we just happen to find this place called the “Sellam Milk Depot” which has been operating for more than 30 years, and they sell a Unique dish which is not available anywhere in Town.

Sellam milk depot (Since 1990)

Sellam milk depot

Sellam Milk Depot is located in Sowcarpet for the past 30 years and since they are located in the outermost border this place does not get enough recognition, but once you visit them and try their Bun varieties you’ll surely be surprised. They have dishes like Palkova bun, Gulkand Bun, Gulab jamun bun etc. 


Sellam milk depot

Being a Milk depot you can also get the famous Srivilliputhur palkova and in case if you are craving for some Chaat then it is also available. The rates are reasonable as well.

Palkova Bun – ₹25 INR

Sellam milk depot Palkova Bun

Palkova bun is a unique dish which I haven’t tasted or heard about it in the first place, but they have been selling it for more than 30 years and to be honest it was a different kind of experience and it tasted nothing like I imagined it was so Delicious and highly recommending it.

Also, I think the Palkova which they are using it for the Bun is from Srivilliputhur as they are selling their Palkova separately as well.

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Gulkand Bun – ₹25 INR

Sellam milk depot

Being a big Fan of Gulkand this didn’t impress me that much as it had too much sweet flavour in it and it is tough to complete the entire dish. The Gulkand is applied to one side of the Bun and a Scoop of butter is added to the other side and if you watch the preparation video which is given below then you’ll surely start drooling

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟

Gulab jamun Bun – ₹25 INR

Sellam milk depot

Gulab Jamun Bun is something similar to that of Palkvoa Bun which I really loved and it is one of the best dessert combination you can prepare and it is provided at a reasonable price and I’d say overall it is worth it.

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Preparation of Palkova Bun & Gulkand Bun

Location : 11/6, Erusappan St, Seven Wells North, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : Evening 🌄 03:00pm – Night 🌃  08:00pm

Contact Number : 📞 9962030854 / 9962264067

Overall this place is highly recommended if you want to try Unique foods and if you are in Sowcarpet make sure to visit this Outlet.

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