MKN Madurai Idly Kadai Tambaram 2020

MKN Madurai Idly kadai
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MKN Madurai Idly Kadai Tambaram 2020

MKN Madurai Idly kadai is located in Tambaram Since 2012 and the owner is a native of Madurai and to bring the cuisine of Madurai to Chennai this place was set up with few of the iconic dishes from Madurai. There are many varieties of dishes available here, but we went for the authentic Bun parotta which is pretty much rare to find in Chennai.

MKN Madurai Idly Kadai (Since 2012)

MKN Madurai Idly kada

MKN Madurai Idly kadai is located in Tambaram and this is one among the few outlets to sell Bun parotta in Chennai and that might be the reason for this place’s popularity. Another thing to notice is that their gravy is so different from that of a normal restaurant as it is so delicious and overall this is a great place for some good Madurai style parotta.

MKN Madurai Idly Kadai – Menu

MKN Madurai Idly kada

The rates are reasonable and affordable.

MKN Madurai Idly kadai Kitchen

MKN Madurai Idly kadaMKN Madurai Idly kada

MKN Madurai Idly kadai has a decent ambience which can occupy around 6-8 members and there are car parking facilities as well and overall the place is pretty decent but if you look at the hygienic factor this pretty much does not qualify as it is entirely different from that of normal restaurant.

Bun Parotta – ₹15 INR

MKN Madurai Idly kada

At last, we got to taste the authentic Madurai style Bun parotta and to be honest the parotta was kinda thick and it was entirely different from what I imagined but overall the Parotta taste was delicious. The gravy here is another highlight which is to be mentioned it was unique and tasty.

Overall the Parotta was pretty good didn’t but few claimed that this is nothing compared to what is served in Madurai but I had a great time here.

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Chicken Leg fry – ₹90 INR & Kalaki – 15 INR

Without any add ons or extra side dishes the Parotta might be boring, so we got 3 dishes. Chicken Fry, Chicken Leg fry & Kalaki. The chicken fry was pretty decent but the Chicken Leg fry was insanely good and delicious, the kalaki was also something unique and it tasted differently compared to other places and I recommend this place for some good hot Parotta & Kalaki.

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Location : 146, Velachery Main Road, Jayasamy Nagar, East Tambaram, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600059 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : Morning 🌄 10:00 am – Night 🌃  11:00 pm

Contact Number : 📞 +919283437069

Overall this is a good spot in Tambaram for some Bun parotta and I’d surely visit them again just for their Gravy & Kalaki 🙂

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