Kavi Cool Bar🍹, Ambattur – Since 1999

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Kavi Cool Bar🍹, Ambattur – Since 1999

Kavi Cool Bar located in Ambattur for more than 20 years, and they are specialized in Ice creams 🍧 and juice varieties πŸ₯€. The place is not famous in large scale but for people living in Ambattur this is their regular spot for short breaks and a glass full of delicious rose milk.

There are indeed many places with similar kind of naming but this place is surely underrated and their rose milks are one of a kind. These rose milks cannot be compared to Kalathi or any other places it is different and unique.

Kavi Cool Bar, Ambattur

Kavi Cool Bar, Ambattur Kavi Cool Bar, Ambattur

Kavi Cool Bar is located near Ambattur OT Bus stand so for people just reaching Ambattur OT can visit this place for refreshing up. We ordered few of the most consumed drinks by the customers and will let you know on the taste and quality.

Rose Milk – β‚Ή20 Rupees/Glass

Rose Milk - β‚Ή20 Rupees/Glass Rose Milk - β‚Ή20 Rupees/Glass

Rose Milk is their signature drink, and they are known for it all around Ambattur so this tasted entirely different from other rose milk places, and I am not sure whether they make their own essence, or they add pure cow’s milk but it was delicious and at the same time the consistency (thickness) was same as Kalathi and you will definitely have minimum 2 glasses of rose milk here.

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟(Surely best in Ambattur as of now)

Falooda – β‚Ή50 Rupees/Glass

Falooda from Kavi Cool bar

This was newly added to their menu recently for the upcoming climate change and if I compare it with places like Jai Ice Creams & National Durbar Restaurant which are the best places to get Falooda this comes nowhere near to itΒ because the fruits and nuts in this were more compared to the Ice-cream also the ice cream taste was average. Overall you can try this once if you visit the place.

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟

Fruit Mixer – β‚Ή20 Rupees/Glass

This is a Typical Fruit mixer which you get in all kind of Cool Bars and small Juice Shop the Basic ingredients are Apple, Banana, Grapes, and some Papaya, and they will make it as a thick liquid and mix it with either Badam Milk or Rose Milk and this drink is indeed an amazing one to quench your thirst for this Summer and just β‚Ή20 Rupees these are a great refreshing drink. The taste was good and

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟

If Needed you can try their Weird Combination Lassi + Fruit Mixer which is kinda new thing which nobody tried but overall it’ll be good

Lassi + Fruit Mixer β‚Ή30 Rupees

This combination is so weird only few people ordered it but it was good and overall i don’t recommend this combination but i do recommend the normal fruit mixer.

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟

Location : Ground floor, No. 29, Yes Yes Arcade, Madras Thiruvallur High Rd, Venkatapuram, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053 (Google Maps Link)

Timings : Open from Morning 09:00am

Contact Number : Not Available

So That’s it for Today’s review on Kavi Cool Bar Do Comment about your opinion on these places also let me know which place to visit next πŸ™‚

Peace out from Peppa Foodie xD

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