45 year Old Jai Ice Cream in Choolaimedu 🍦

Jai Ice Cream
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45 year Old Jai Ice Cream in Choolaimedu 🍦

Jai Ice Cream is one among the Iconic places to be visited in Chennai, and they are well known around the block for their Unique and Natural flavours of Ice creams which they tend to prepare themselves without any preservatives. Many new brands are starting to pop up with new and unique flavours with stunning ambience but when it comes to price and quality I’d say Jai Ice creams is the best. The Cost is also reasonable when you compare it with other popular brands


Jai Ice Cream

Jai Ice Cream is located in Choolaimedu for more than 45 years, and they prepare all their Ice cream with fresh natural ingredients. The varieties available here are so unique that you will be thrilled to try out each and every flavour (i.e. Tender coconut, Jack fruit, Horlicks, Honey Ice cream, Basandhi). My personal favourite is their Falooda & Tender coconut ice cream

Jai Ice Cream – Menu

Jai Ice creamJai Ice cream

In a City where a Single scoop of Ice cream could go up to β‚Ή150 INR this place is still serving at a reasonable rate of β‚Ή15 INR and that is the main reason behind the success of this place and there are regular customers who have been visiting for more than 10 years just for the quality and taste of the Ice cream.

Basandhi Ice cream – β‚Ή20 INR

Jai Ice Cream

Yes you heard it right it is β€œBasandhi” Ice cream and when I first noticed it I was pretty much surprised on how they managed to prepare it and when I tasted it I could feel the flavours of Basandhi in it but it was mild overall a good one.

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tender Coconut Ice cream – β‚Ή20 INR

Jai Ice Cream

The taste is somewhat similar to having an actual Tender coconut and compared to Basandhi this had lots of flavour in it and I’d say this was my favourite and one of the best Ice creams served here.

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Falooda – β‚Ή50 INR

Jai Ice Cream

The Falooda has so many layers and toppings and it literally felt like a meal while having it. The Mango Ice cream placed on top is the Best as it literally tastes exactly like the one served in National Durbar Restaurant and you could feel the richness and creaminess in it.

Overall this is one of my favourite places to visit when it comes to Falooda & Ice Creams

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Grape Juice – β‚Ή20 INR

Jai Ice Cream

For the Price point I’d say this can be the closest pure juice which you can get and the taste was good.

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟

Location : No: 54/ 225, Opp. To Corporation Boys School., Choolaimedu High Rd, Choolaimedu, near Amma Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600094 (Google Maps Link)

Timing : Morning πŸŒ„ 10:00am – Evening πŸŒƒΒ  06:00pm (Closed on Sundays)

Contact Number : πŸ“ž +919840463848

So That’s it for the review from Peppa Foodie Jai Ice Creams and will meet you all in next post

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