20 Year old Hotel famous for Vadacurry🍛

Sri Venkateshwara Hotel
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20 Year old Hotel famous for Vadacurry🍛

“Vadacurry” is a popular dish which are served with Idly & dosa and in Chennai you can get the dish pretty much everywhere but only few places serve it with better quality & taste and Sri Venkateshwara hotel located in Mogappair is one among those places and since they haven’t relied on any kind of social media marketing & this place seems to be Invisible to the local crowd but I’ve been a regular customer for more than 12 Years just for their Vadacurry & chutney

Sri Venkateshwara Hotel (Since 2000)

Sri Venkateshwara Hotel is located in Mogappair west Since 2000 and this place did not focus on creating anything special as they just did all the dishes with the usual way but the Vadacurry happen to be so good here that locals started to love this place. The place opens around Morning 07:00 am and when you visit early morning the vibe is kinda good since there’ll be less crowd.

I’ve been a regular customer since I was in my 6th grade until the very moment which roughly estimates to 12+ years and I mostly visit this place just for the Breakfast or sometimes Dinner and have ordered pretty much everything except for the meals because there are better places in Mogappair for that and I don’t want to change my routine spots.

Idly – ₹12 INR & Vadacurry – ₹10 INR

Sri Venkateshwara Hotel Sri Venkateshwara Hotel

I’d call this the best-selling dish in the restaurant mainly due to the quality & taste. The Idly costs around ₹12 rupees and one cup of  vadacurry would cost you ₹10 rupees for which the quantity provided is very much reasonable. Idly is also considered to be a healthy breakfast other than Dosa & pongal so that is another reason that people prefer Idly over other dishes.

Pongal – ₹40 INR & Vadai – ₹14 INR

Sri Venkateshwara Hotel

Try having the Pongal here with Coconut & Spicy chutney then you’ll realize that this is by far the best place to get such a delicious food but if you eat it just with sambar you might not experience the same feeling. So Long story short their Chutney’s are so delicious that it’ll bring out the best in all the dishes.

Check out the Instagram Post

Location : No:3/PC-6, MMDA, Kambar Salai, Reddipalaiyam, West Mogappair, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037 (Google Maps Link)

Timings : 08:00 am Morning – 10:00 pm Night

Contact Number : +914426259755

Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

There are many places in Chennai for Vadacurry and few places like this serve great food, but they are not very much exposed to the public and that is the main reason behind this post.

Thanks for reading and kindly comment your experience or Dm on Instagram Bye from Peppa Foodie

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